i want my live-preview inputs to be crazy liberating. define my own heredocs, then use them everywheres.


p.edit 2014-10-04 here's a sepcial edit class!!!



p.edit this un would do verbatim highlighting


defining your own markup language. need composability.


this might preprocess through `huh?` langugae (i made it up) **and**
through *markdown* too
because of the *meaning* of "***huh?"

[ ] : or through GH flavored markdown


what are all the ways to effect composability?

A -> {t1, t2} -> (B, C) -> {weaver/joiner} -> D
A -> t1 -> B -> t2 -> C
A -> t1 -> (A, B) -> t2 -> C

^ better provide english description each of those so i can remember what it means later

A -> {t1, t2} -> (B, C) -> {weaver/joiner} -> D

you might have text A that you want to transform through each of two transformers t1 & t2 to produce two new texts B and C which you then transform through a joining function that somehow combines B and C to produce the final text D.

A -> t1 -> B -> t2 -> C

the more typical transformation pipeline. It does not branch. you transform A into B into C.

A -> t1 -> (A, B) -> t2 -> C

a spin on the first two: a joining transform t2 might need access to the original source text to produce the final text.

  • might want to write jade, pipe through hyperglue with some data, then through minify, or do a concat/join with other ones, and then through tex/mathjax, and then a syntax highlighter.
    • sure we could build it all as gulp tasks or through2 transforms, but sometimes we want to make our own disposable syntax and cast cabalistic incantations.
      • point is we humans like to build little private rituals that only we, their author and primary user, can understand.