Edit 2014-09-16: This was pretty constructive as a public commitment device, but I've decided to keep future revisions to this document private. The text below will continue to grow further out of date.


I vow to follow this manifesto until the day I die. The manifesto is malleable, subject to change with my priorities, capabilities, and environment. In spite of changes, the spirit of the manifesto must persist: I will strive to be the person I want to be.

I will track my consistency to the manifesto. I will regularly talk to myself in writing to maintain honesty with my past. From this evidence I will improve myself in observable ways.


I will regularly question my actions to ensure they match my intentions. I will regularly question my intentions to ensure they match what is good. I will regularly question my ethics to ensure I understand what is good.

I will not compromise my values by doing what is not good. When I make mistakes I will take responsibility. I will acknowledge each mistake, atone for each mistake, and learn from each mistake so that I do not repeat it.


I will maintain a healthy posture at the computer and I will take frequent breaks during long sedentary work.


I will follow my 20 year plan, mastering the foundations of mathematics and computation. From foundations I will make deep contributions in specialized areas. I will publish in peer-reviewed venues and implement respectable software.

I will regularly talk to top living experts in my field. I will learn from them and inspire them to further success. I will collaborate with them as often as possible. I will study the life and works of top experts who have passed. I will mentor anyone who will persevere to success.

Published: 2010-01-03
Edited: 2010-04-11 · 2011-06-26 · 2014-09-16