In this article: Help me sort out priorities on which web and software projects I should work on right now.

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I generate many ideas for software projects to work on and I need your help deciding which ones deserve priority. If none of my ideas look interesting to you, then you are welcome to submit your own. If your idea excites me I might work on it with you. If one of my ideas excites you, help me work on it.

These are ordered roughly by current priority.

Desktop app: Time tracking

I read in The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Business Law that some lawyers keep track of their time in six-minute intervals. This divides an hour into ten chunks. I would like to try this.

Time tracking apps abound on the web, but I have yet to see one with an interface that matches my ideal. I want to create a lightweight desktop app that lets me quickly log my activities and that publishes pretty charts and reports in html.

Web site: Computer People

Online lectures on computer science. Based on three core principles:

  • Public domain
  • Each less than 20 minutes in length
  • Computation an essential human skill today — the 4th R.

Things you can do with your freedom:

  • Translate to your own language, either directly or rethought in your own words.
  • Cut videos to sentence-long pieces and reorganize.
  • Edit your reorganized edition to be accompanied by a soundtrack.
  • Ignore my wording and my teaching style while reusing the content to create themed lectures. You can teach computation as a pirate, ninja, vampire, or zombie. You can teach it with a narrative, having a computer science hero living the plight of Don Quixote.

Web app: Mentor

A place to establish mentoring relationships at various levels of formality and scope. Mentor or be mentored on your academics, career, hobby, research, or plain ol’ life. Mentoring takes place in its traditional form or in a project-based format.

Project-based mentoring differs from traditional mentoring in that it begins with short-term intentions and narrow focus, such as guidance through a single textbook. This can make it easier to get started if you’re afraid a traditional mentor might lead you down a path you’re not interested in.

New features and guidelines are guided by community discussion and consensus.

I have content mockups for three primary pages:

Web site: My web site

I have more features to implement.

  • interesting people widget, loaded randomly by jQuery

Web app: talkfilters

A simple interface to GNU Talkfilters that lets you transform your posts on Facebook and MySpace. Bork bork bork.

Web app: Once Every

Database of things that happen only once every X years. You RSVP:

  • going
  • wish I could go
  • hope I’m not there
  • I discourage your attendance/please don’t go.

Can specify events by:

  • Every X weeks
  • These dates every year
  • These days of months every year (next to last Friday, etc.)

Web site: Music Theory Education by Analysis of Exemplars

  • Analyses are sound and complete.
  • Folk songs, pop songs, and classics.
  • “This song strongly portrays ‘Definition X’.”
  • Works as cross-ref for definitions & concepts.
  • Streaming audio of exemplars.
  • Scores for exemplars.

“You choose which examples you use in mastering a concept.”

Web app: Search complexity problems

Search NP-hard & NP-complete problems by text input or interactive drop-down list.

For [1|2,3,…] given [(un)directed] graphs g, h, [find|does there exist] a [orientation|…] with [no cycles|…]

If we include easy problems too, we can use the interface to answer questions like: “What is the name of the problem asking: ‘For a given undirected graph, find an orientation that does not have cycles’?”

Conceptually, a sort of vertical search engine on the Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures.

Web app: Mathematical Ordering on Books

Create ordered lists of books. “You should read Book X before Book Y.” “I want to read Book X before or at the same time as Book Y.” For now I can use Goodreads for this. I’m still evaluating whether or not it’s worth it to reinvent this wheel.

Web app: Mathematical Ordering on Research Papers

I would like to list academic papers that I’ve read, want to read, and encourage others to read. CiteULike may already support this to the extent that I need it.

My game series

I’m writing an episodic series of games, but this is one of a few ideas I am not comfortable discussing openly, so there’s little point even mentioning it here except that you might encourage me to make it a top priority.

Desktop app: Incremental Reading

I’ve heard of this neat learning technique called incremental reading. I don’t know if it’s compatible with my time management techniques, but I would like to attempt it some day.

I’ve considered making a clone of Supermemo and releasing it on either a SPP or free software licensing model.

Web site: Math Geneology / Wikipedia mashup

I love the history and culture of mathematics and computation. I’d like to make some kind of informative mashup of information from Wikipedia and The Mathematics Genealogy Project, though at the moment I don’t know exactly what I mean by that.

Web site: Consulting Business

I’ve often been tempted to start my own software business. Several things keep me from attempting it, but it pops into my head often enough that I keep it on my list of potential “projects.”

Other? You Decide

I welcome your input concerning projects I could develop. Leave a comment or send me an email.

Published: 2010-01-09
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