In this article: Help me sort out priorities on what I should write right now.

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I generate many ideas for topics to write about and I need your help deciding which ones deserve priority. If none of my proposals interest you, then you are welcome to submit your own. Ideally you will suggest a topic that I am qualified to discuss.

These are ordered roughly by current priority.

Quotes and Epigrams

A growing collection of quotes and epigrams which I find thought-provoking.

Interesting Questions

A growing collection of interesting questions which may or may not have answers. For example, “why are galaxies flat,” and “what can computation tell us about the universe?

Request for Information

Miscellaneous things I might want to write about or just want to know about but I don’t know anything about it yet. Includes robotics, embedded software, software designs, places to live, and more.

Coop Software Companies

I want to write an article where I look at existing software co-ops and discuss the merits of cooperative organization in technology companies. This would include a comparison with the standard corporate structure and with non-profit structures. I would also discuss the relation to software intellectual property models such as proprietary and open source.

I was thrilled to discover that some people in the world are already attempting this organizational form in technology companies. See,, and the list.

The key concept in a cooperative is that all stakeholders get a voice—customers, employees, and management. That is, it’s a democracy.

I Try the Freelancing Sites

I’m curious to see what kind of income I could generate by taking work on the major freelancing sites: rentacoder, elance, and odesk. I would document my experience as I proceed.

A Carpentry Workshop

I sometimes imagine making my own furniture when I think of a design that would be useful but turns out to be either nonexistent or rare and expensive. These thoughts then lead me to wonder about the minimum set of tools I would need to build these furniture designs exactly as I picture them. I’d like to catalog a wishlist of hardware I would have in my ideal workshop.

Other? You Decide

I’m not a reliable judge of my own writing, so I welcome your input concerning topics I could write about that would enrich your life. Leave a comment or send me an email.

Published: 2010-01-06
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